so&so is a classical music production company that creates 21st-century symphonic experiences. As a society, we have inherited little miracles of art through what is known as the classical music tradition. Pieces like; Beethoven’s Ninth, Mahler’s Fifth, Bach’s Matheus Passion, are not going anywhere; they are timeless. On the other hand, the way that we experience these pieces is outdated and should remain an ever-evolving project that reflects the time and place of the performance. Founded by an Israeli and a Taiwanese, so&so brings a wide perspective of traditions and practices from around the world to their productions; Including a symphony orchestra with representation from over 15 countries.


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advisory board

[Daniel Zinn](https://www.danielzinn.com) Christine Chen [LowRes](https://lowresny.com/) Natalia Schwien [Aron Fay](https://fay.design/)